Acropolis, photo by Anastasia Marangou

(Dis)playing Attica

The “(Dis)playing Attica” programme is an initiative of the Athens State Orchestra and the Region of Attiki which has been enthusiastically embraced by the Hellenic Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture and Sports and is taking place under the auspices of the Greek Presidency of the Council of Europe.

The cooperation and collaboration between these three (3) institutions sends out a powerful message of outwardness and commitment to the cultural heritage of Greece at this particularly difficult time for the country, as the pandemic continues to impact on so many of the things we took for granted in our everyday lives.

“(Dis) playing Attica” comprises a response to the question of how public authorities can provide the public with alternative forms of entertainment at a time when—for the immediate future, at least—it will remain impossible for most of us to physically attend concerts.

This is how various Athens State Orchestra ensembles came to perform eight small concerts at different venues around Attica, one in each of its regions, which were recorded using the finest tools contemporary technology places at our disposal. These concerts will treat audiences to a wide range of musical content, ranging from the classical repertoire to film music, jazz, and the Greek art pop scene.

These cultural activities also seek to shine a light on historical and cultural sites around Attica, some of which have become universal symbols for the whole of Europe, allowing audiences to see them up close and to 'travel’—albeit it only digitally—to parts of Attica which, through geographically accessible, are anything but at this point in time.

These images are expected to travel throughout Europe, highlighting the universal and timeless values of Greek civilization, which remain the foundations of European culture.

At this most difficult time, we hope these concerts will provide the public with a note of optimism and good cheer.

Starting on Thursday 5 November 2020 (at 8 pm), and for seven subsequent Thursdays, one of the recorded concerts will be uploaded to the websites of the Greek Presidency of the Council of Europe, the Region of Attiki, and the Athens State Orchestra's YouTube channel Athens State Orchestra on YouTube.

The concerts will be broadcast free; the last one will go out on 24 December 2020.

For the action's promotional video, click here.

For the concert performed in the Roman Agora by the Athens Classical Players, click here.

For the concert performed by the Metallon ensemble in Lavrio's Technological Cultural Park, click here.

For the concert performed by an ensemble of two oboes and a cor anglais at the monastery of Dafni with rare Beethoven's compositions, click here.

For the Athens State Orchestra's small orchestra concert in Cultural Centre of Lipasmata, click here.

For the Athens State Orchestra's YouTube channel, click here.

Under the auspices of the Greek Presidency of the Council of Europe, May-November, 2020.

In collaboration with the Region of Attiki.