Agoni Grammi Gonimi

The “Agoni Grammi Gonimi” (AGG) project is the largest educational and cultural programme aimed at those remote Greek islands which enjoy only limited connectivity with Greek urban centres during the winter season. Since 2007, over 100 cultural visits have taken place to 25 islands within the framework of the programme, which seeks to ensure equal access to education and culture for all, irrespective of location.

The programme, which is directed by Stefanos Nollas, is aimed mainly at children, without this precluding adults in any way. AGG events include interactive experiential events, educational workshops, reading groups, a reading competition, theatrical productions and concerts, and are staged in collaboration with some of Greece’s foremost cultural institutions including the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, the Geitonas School, the British Council, Greek Climate Advocates, Thales & Friends, the Comicdom Press exc.

The Athens State Orchestra has been a regular and extremely enthusiastic participant in the AGG project since 2009, and A.S.O. ensembles have staged concerts aimed at entire local communities along with seminars designed to acquaint schoolchildren with classical music and musical instruments. Over the past five years, A.S.O. ensembles have visited several islands (including Antiparos, Herakleia, Chalki, Thirasia, Patmos, Kastelorizo, Tilos, Astypalaia, Schinoussa, Lipsi, Arki and Amorgos) on more than one occasion.

We consider it our duty to participate in actions aimed at fostering culture in the provinces in general and the Greek islands in particular. Indeed, programmes of this sort are more crucial than ever in these economically uncertain times, and every effort must be made to keep them running, and perhaps even to expand their scope. During 2014 (May-June) A.S.O. ensembles visited Schinoussa, Kastelorizo, Lipsi, Arki and Patmos for concerts and seminars.