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a) transmitting or gaining access to content that:

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iv) detracts in any way from the private life and individual and social rights of third parties.

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c) installing, forwarding and promoting in any way any kind of unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or emails that were not requested by the recipient (spam), pyramid schemes, or any other form of undesirable content, as well as installing and promoting advertisements without the written consent of the owners.

d) installing, promoting/forwarding and/or making available content that contains software viruses or any other computer code, file or program designed to insert itself into, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or telecommunications equipment, or to hinder other visitors’ use of the site.

In every instance of site use which is unlawful or contrary to the terms of use of this website, the visitors are required to compensate the Athens State Orchestra for any loss or damage incurred. Non-implementation by the Athens State Orchestra and the beneficiaries of their rights under these Terms does not imply the waiver of these rights.

8. Website Validity—Virus Protection—Limitation of liability—Disclaimer: The website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors that will, if detected and at the sole discretion of the Athens State Orchestra, be corrected. However, the Athens State Orchestra cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, correctness, timeliness or compliance of the website content for any use, application or purpose. In addition, the Athens State Orchestra does not guarantee that any errors will necessarily be fully corrected or that it will reply to all the questions that are posed to it.

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Visitors are required to take all the appropriate safety measures (e.g. antivirus software) before downloading anything from this website. The cost of any corrections or repairs will be borne by the visitor/user, and in no circumstances by the Athens State Orchestra.

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11. Contact: For information or clarifications of any kind, to submit any request, to communicate with the webmaster to request permission to reproduce any part of the website content or to request approval for the reproduction of content, you can send an email to this address: info@koa.gr.

12. These Terms and Conditions and any amendments thereto shall be governed by Greek law. The Athens courts are appointed as competent to judge any dispute that may arise from this contract.