Open Rehersals

Observing the preparations for a concert at first hand is an exhilarating experience for everyone, but especially for young children.

Which is why the Athens State Orchestra is inviting children of pre-school and primary school age to attend selected rehearsals completely free of charge. This will give our young friends a unique opportunity to see how an orchestra works, to appreciate how all the musicians have to work together to produce a single, collective sound, and to acquaint themselves with several masterpieces from the international music repertoire.

The programmes are conducted in collaboration with teachers from participating schools, who are provided with an A.S.O. educational pack containing everything they need to prepare their students to make the most of their visit to Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall.

Due to the need for silence during rehearsals, only a limited number of children can attend any one session, so interested teachers should contact the Orchestra well in advance. Places can be booked by phone (210 7257601-3) or by email (