Leonidas Kavakos

Leonidas Kavakos with the Athens State Orchestra - concert in Agrinio

The establishment of a very wide and long-lasting cooperation and Leonidas Kavakos’s return on the podium of the Athens State Orchestra for four concerts during the current artistic period, three of which will actually take place outside Athens, couldn’t be but a quite significant artistic event. Our recent experience from the collaboration of the Orchestra with the internationally glowing Greek musician already proved that Kavakos, also as conductor, achieves this mysterious, unutterable, always interactive and honest communication with the audience as well as among the musicians and with High Art. Kavakos’s unselfish offer, partially granted for the needs of the Athens State Orchestra in purchase of instruments and partially for charity causes, turns him furthermore, during hard times, in one of the Orchestra’s most precious allies.

Sat., 13 Jan. 2018 20:30

Agrinio Municipal Theatre

Leonidas Kavakos

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