Athens State Orchestra, 2022 photo by Maria Grammatikou

Schedule for the auditions of January 2024

The Athens State Orchestra announces the detailed schedule of the audition of each Musician for the a competition to fill vacancies of permanent artistic personnel that will be held in January 2024. Candidates can get information in the schedule which is available for download by clicking here. In this schedule candidates are mentioned with the reference number of their application and not with their names, due to personal data protection. Every candidate has received few days ago his or her reference number. However, if, for any reason, you cannot find the exact time of your examination, please conctact Mr Apostolidis or Mr Papasotiriou at 210 72 57 601 έως 603 or by email (,

Candidates are kindly requested to be at the office of Athens State Orchestra one hour prior to their examination, so that they are prepared at time.

We wish you every success!