Concerts in Schools

In recent years, the Athens State Orchestra has intensified its efforts to reach out to young people and establish firm contact with the concert-goers of tomorrow.

Having made a conscious decision to focus our efforts on those of our younger listeners who need us most of all, A.S.O. ensembles have, over the last three years, staged a number of not-for-profit concerts in institutions and schools for children with special needs. The Orchestra and A.S.O. ensembles have also played a number of concerts in schools around Attica.

As a public orchestra, we do everything we can to keep the cost of hosting and attending our educational concerts to an absolute minimum for schools and their pupils.

The huge response we get from pupils, teachers and parents alike wherever we go is all the encouragement we need to redouble our efforts and strive to broaden the scope of our school appearances as far as we can.

The Orchestra also performs special programmes developed in collaboration with its numerous ensembles and aimed at schoolchildren at every stage in their education. These programmes seek to familiarize schoolchildren with the different families of musical instruments and with the history of music through the music they feature.

If you would like to organize an Athens State Orchestra educational concert at your school, please contact Aliki Fidetzi on 2107257601-3, or send her an email at