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Symphonic Music: Stories in Lifo

Friday, 3 February 2023

The Athens State Orchestra has joined the world of Lifo podcasts. In the new series entitled "Symphonic Music: Stories", Matoula Kousteni reveals the interesting, funny and even tragic stories behind the great works of the symphonic repertoire which the Athens State Orchestra perform at the Athens Concert Hall. The series begins with Mahler's "Titan", the composer's First Symphony. In what way did the composer who lived for symphonic music change it? Listen to the podcast here and discover what the stories behind Mahler's monumental creation reveal about the passions, inner conflicts and models of a symphonic composer who would dominate serious music in the 20th century. They shed an eloquent light on the composer's life-long struggle with his medium, which would ultimately earn him the adulation of audiences and critics alike, but not happiness.