Ludmila Limorova

Ludmila was born in Moscow and at the age of 6 started her music studies (violin) at the music school named after V.Muradeli and the music college named after M.Ippolitov-Ivanov.  She graduated with excellent degree (her professors in quartet class were Semion Bezrodni and Valentin Berlinski, a chellist, People’s Artist of the Soviet Union* and soloist of Borodin’s quartet), the quartet of the college where she played the first violin was granted an award at the All-Russian quartets’ competition *(the highest honorary title of the artist in the USSR).

Later she studied and graduated from the State Moscow Music Academy named after P.I.Chaikovsky with professor Dmitry Tsyganov (first violin of Beethoven’s orchestra, Dmitry Shostakovich dedicated his quartets to this orchestra), People’s Artist of the Soviet Union, and Zoria Shichmourzaeva who was granted 4 awards at international violin competitions.

At the same time for 4 years she attended classes of symphony orchestra conducting in the class of Dmitry Kitaenko, People’s Artist of the Soviet Union.

After she completed her studies she became a member of Moscow chamber orchestra (granted an award at Berlin festival).

Since 1984 she played the second violin and was the soloist of the orchestra “Musica Viva”  under the direction of Alexander Rudin and made numerous recordings and in the Soviet Union and toured in numerous countries of Europe and Asia.

From 1987 to 1993 she worked in State Academic orchestra of the Soviet Union under the direction of Evgeni Svetlanov and as a soloist toured with the Bolshoi ballet.

Since 1993 she has been living and working in Greece.

In 1993-2005 she was a member of State Orchestra of Athens where she played the role of the first violin.

She played the second violin at the 3d programme Orchestra and the Patras orchestra. She has taken part in Megaro mousikis productions.

She teaches the violin at the National conservatory and the conservatory “Anagennisi”.

She is the founder of the orchestra “Hellenic Musica Viva”.

For 20 years she was the conductor of the symphony orchestra of the National conservatory.

From 2007 to 2013 she worked in the Orchestra of Greek National Opera. Since 2015 she works in the State Orchestra of Athens.