Maira Milolidaki and Titos Gouvelis

Spyros Samaras, music for piano and songs - Hellenic Music Festivities

Within the program of the Hellenic Music Festivities of 2017, the distinguished musicians Maira Milolidaki and Titos Gouvelis will perform a program of pieces for piano and songs by Spyros Samaras, very characteristic for the art of the great composer from Corfu. It is worth mentioning that piano pieces of Samaras are “diamonds” of the Greek piano repertoire and are presented very rarely. Among them, there will be performed two works that were considered until very lately lost.

Fri., 9 Jun. 2017 19:30

Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall

The Lillian Voudouri Great Music Library
Pieces for piano

Danse Monotone, Bohémiènne, La Veneziana, Chitarrata, Danse Espagnole, Pensèe melancolique sur la mort de Dem. Bourbaki, March for the wedding of H.R.H Constantine

Songs for voice and piano

Serenate (poetry: Ioannis Polemis), Sur la terrasse (poetry: Mme de Noialles), Bed time song (poetry: Georgios Tsokopoulos), Nenna mia (composer’s lyrics)

Waltz for piano

Chamant, Les Charmettes, Valse lente, La Caresseuse

Two songs for voice and piano

The oath (poetry: Ioannis Polemis), In Teatro (lyrics: Vincenzo Valle)

La Fiamma slende… from the Opera Flora mirabilis (libretto: Ferdinando Fontana)
Serenates for piano

Serenate for HM Olga, Sérénade Française, Sérénade Havanaise, Poupée Sérénade, Sérénade Napolitaine, Sérénade d’Autrefois, Sérénade d’Arlequin

Titos Gouvelis, piano
Maira Milolidaki, soprano

Free Entrance