“Opening” of the Ancient Theatre of Messene

Italian Opera Gala

Diazoma—Citizens for the Ancient Theatres, the Athens Festival, the Athens State Orchestra, the Peloponnese Region, the Municipality of Messini, the 38th Ephorate of Antiquities and the Society for Messenian Studies collaborated in the staging of this unique event.

When DIAZOMA invited us to take part in the opening of Messene’s reconstructed Ancient Theatre, we were deeply moved and accepted with enthusiasm. On the evening, two internationally-renowned opera singers—the Rumanian soprano, Cellia Costea, and the Greek baritone, Dimitris Platanias—will perform famous arias and duets from the Italian opera, accompanied by the Athens State Orchestra under Vassilis Christopoulos in what promises to be a singular operatic treat in a truly magical setting.

Sat., 3 Aug. 2013 21:00

Ancient Theatre of Messene

Cellia Costea, soprano
Dimitris Platanias, baritone
Vassilis Christopoulos

Arias, duets and orchestral excerpts by Verdi, Puccini, Giordano etc.


Lower tier: 30€
Upper tier: 15€, 10€ (discount)
Upper tier (level 3): 10€, 5€ (discount)