Lukas Karytinos, Maria Efthymiou, Hristos Papageorgiou

Journey to the centre of Music - the Symphonic Suite

"Just one dance... is never enough..."

What does the music at celebrations ancient and modern have in common with performances at Versailles and contemporary wedding receptions everywhere? The answer: the "Suite". Because a cleverly crafted sequence (= suite) of musical pieces always gets the party going!

From open-air fiestas to concert halls, the most easily digestible and popular symphonic creation of all, the Suite, provides us with good examples of the music people listened to in different eras for fun. Lively at times and melancholic at others, Symphonic Suites dance Latin rhythms for us, take us to the ballet, tell stories, drive movie plots along, and transport us into paintings, visions and fairy tales. Rapidly conjuring up a bouquet of aromas and a menu of musical flavours, they will satisfy even the most demanding musical palate. A musical-historical journey into the more "relaxed" side of life!

A series of interactive concerts which seeks to shed light on everything that connects contemporary audiences with symphonic music, making its timeless repertoire more approachable to everyone, whether they are newcomers to the form or music lovers who are already fans. Video, Talks and Music are combined to provide a dramatized portrait of a different symphonic genre each time. Historical facts both well-known and unfamiliar, personal stories, hidden symbolisms and motifs, and the structural magic of the works are presented in an entertaining way.

Fri., 5 May. 2023 20:30

Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall

Christos Lambrakis Hall

Maria Efthymiou, presentation

Hristos Papageorgiou, presentation

Katerina Evaggelakou, direction


Ticket price: 25€, 20€, 15€ and 8€ (concessions)
Advance ticket sale starts on Friday 15 July 2022