Great Hours

Andreas Katsigiannis employs his knowledge of Byzantine and Western music to compose a musical world that's uniquely his own. A solemn prayer that recalls the wind whistling beneath Mount Athos' sacred canopy will be heard under the Attic sky, at the Herodeion, performed by Glykeria, Dimitris Basis, Eleanna Varela and the five-time Emmy award-winning American musician and actor Jonathan Jackson, along with 100 chorister from three different choirs. The narrator is the great Nikitas Tsakiroglou. The Athens State Orchestra is conducted by Stathis Soulis.

Thu., 29 Sep. 2022 20:30

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

"Great Hours", oratorio
Stathis Soulis

Dimitris Bassis
Eleanna Varela
Jonathan Jackson


Chorus Vivendi, conductor: Ioannis Vrizakis 
Choir of Nea Smyrni, "Melodoi", conductor: Georgios Ziakas
Choir of the University of Thessaly, conductor: Nikos Hiotoglou


Alexandros Arkadopoulos, clarinet
Stefanos Dorbarakis, kanonaki
Markos Arlan Oscar, keyboards
Philippos Retsios, piano
Nikos Mermigas, constantinopolean laouto, mandolino, buzuki

Takis Vassileio, percussion

Production: Pemptousia, Quintessence 

Production execution: Lavrys


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