Giorgos Kouroupos, Miltos Logiadis

Hope of a Homeland

A George Kouroupos's opera in Ioulita Iliopoulou's libretto

Opera at the Megaron - 200 years from Greek Revolution
Production by Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall

The opera Elpis Patridos (Hope of a Homeland) looks to the outbreak of the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the events that preceded it. A Greek family from Smyrna finds itself drawn into the historic events, the people and ideas that played a leading role in the Struggle, and the first steps towards the creation of a modern Greek state. Courageous figures who shaped the Revolution, whether intellectually, spiritually or through their bold decisions and actions—Rigas, Cappodistrias, the Friendly Society, Papaflessas, Mavrokordatos, the heroic fighters—bring to life the desperate need for independence, while iconic episodes, from the proclamation of the Revolution to the first National Assembly at Epidaurus, convey the dreams they nurtured of a free homeland and a fairer life. The imprint these events left on the souls of the ordinary folk who turned the dreams into reality, their innermost feelings, the people they met and the lives of sacrifice and passion they led, help paint the picture of a unique era which gave birth to hope and breathed new life into long-standing demands for freedom and democracy.

Wed., 8 Dec. 2021 20:00

Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall

Alexandra Triandi Hall
(b. 1942)
Elpis Patridos (Hope of a Homeland), opera in Ioulita Iliopoulou's libretto

Director: Thanos Papakonstantinou
Sets and costumes: Niki Psychogiou
Lighting: Christina Thanasoula

Tassis Christoyannis, baritone
Theodora Baka, mezzo soprano
Tasos Apostolou, bass
Eirini Karagianni, mezzo soprano
Petros Magoulas, bass
Artemis Bogri, mezzo soprano
Vassilis Kavayas, tenor
Giannis Kalyvas, tenor
Michalis Psyrras, baritone
Miltos Logiadis

Greek Radio Choir


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Advance ticket sale: 8 November 2021

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