Young Musicians’ Academy of the Athens State Orchestra, new academic year 2017-2018

‘Young Musicians’ Academy of the Athens State Orchestra’

It is with remarkable success that the first year of the ‘Young Musicians Academy of the Athens State Orchestra’, with the support and the kind grant of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, has come to an end. During this first, exploratory academic year (2016-2017), the Academy has enrolled 18 scholarship holders of the classes of strings and percussion.
The ‘Young Musicians’ Academy of the Athens State Orchestra’ is a new and very promising educational program for professional tuition of musicians.
The Academy’s mission is to offer new musicians a two-year preparation provided by eminent Greek and foreign orchestra musicians, soloists and conductors, to enroll in orchestras all over the world as well as to participate in international auditions and competitions. At the same time, students are given the chance to collaborate with the Athens State Orchestra in its full composition, in its concerts at the Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall and in educational programs all over Attica region.
In brief, the ‘Young Musicians’ Academy’ of the Athens State Orchestra offers new artist an important chance to prove, to himself in the first place, whether he or she really wants to follow this difficult, yet infinitely fertile and charming professional career, and, on the other hand, whether he or she is able to successfully cope with the real, particularly demanding conditions of an artistic activity of such a level and prestige. At the end of the two-year program and, provided that the student has proven consistent presence in the seminars and mandatory services, he or she is awarded a certificate of graduation, which does not constitute an official title of studies.

During the first period of the Academy’s activities, the preparation of the new musicians has been achieved by eminent musicians of the Athens State Orchestra and by distinguished foreign soloists and conductors. By way of illustration, for the period 2016-2017, the initiative of the Orchestra was supported with seminars given by the eminent Chinese violinist and violin professor of the Bern University of the Arts, Tianwa Yang, the multi-awarded cellist Gabriel Schwabe, the double bassist and double bass professor at the Berlin University of the Arts, Michael Wolf, the eminent tympanist of the Bochumer Symphoniker, percussion professor and writer of educational books, Arend Weitzel, and the viola professor and eminent violist of the National Symphonic Orchestra of Belgium, Marc Sabbah.
All students have proven themselves worthy of the particularly demanding conditions, participating in regular concerts of the Orchestra, which culminated in the closing concert of our Academy, held on June 7th, 2017, in the Christos Lambrakis hall of the Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall. This concert was prepared and directed by the famous German pedagogue, professor of violin and chamber music at the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts, conductor and violinist Christoph Poppen, whose participation was a great pleasure and honor for all of us.
Thanks are also due to the Athens Concert Hall Organization, which eagerly embraced this initiative and supported it first of all by offering the necessary additional venues.
For the period 2017-2018, the until lately freshmen of the Young Musicians’ Academy of the Athens State Orchestra in the classes of strings and percussion, will continue in the second year of their studies. Obligations of the second-year students (in Greek).

We are in the pleasant position to invite 18 more new musicians to enroll the Young Musicians’ Academy of the Athens State Orchestra.
More specifically, the new members for the period 2017-2018 will be:
• 4 flute musicians
• 2 oboe musicians
• 4 clarinet musicians
• 2 bassoon musicians
• 4 horn musicians
• 2 trumpet musicians

Applications for this year will be accepted until Thursday, 14/9/2017.
Application form (in Greek)

The application and the documents required may be sent either by post at the Athens State Orchestra (Vas. Sofias & Kokkali 1, 11521, Athens) or by email to the address
Obligations of first-year students and conditions for admission (in Greek)

The procedure of the auditions will be held identically to the official auditions of the Athens State Orchestra for hiring its permanent artistic personnel.
For the audition of the soloist parts, each applicant should provide for his or her piano accompaniment.

Following you may find the repertoire for each instrument:

Soloist & Orchestral parts (in Greek)

Soloist & Orchestral parts (in Greek)

- Soloist parts (in Greek)
- Orchestral parts (in Greek)

Soloist parts (in Greek – applicants will not pass an audition in orchestral parts)

- 1st and 3rd horn place (in Greek)
- 2nd and 4th horn place (in Greek)

- Soloist parts (in Greek)
- Orchestral parts (in Greek)