Primavera, Botticelli

Welcoming Spring in the Acropolis Museum

The Athens State Orchestra and the Acropolis Museum welcome the most hopeful season of the year and invite you in a celebration dedicated to Spring. Some of the most notorious masterpieces of the international repertoire have been chosen by the Athes State Orchestra String Quartet Tet-Art-On for this concert, which will be held in Parthenon room, within the celebration events of the Acropolis Museum.

Sun., 31 Mar. 2019 18:00

Acropolis Museum

Pieces by Mozart, Pachelbel, Handel, Bach, Haydn, Boccherini, Skalkottas and others

String quartet «Tet-Art-On»

Morfo Papadimitriou (1st violin)

Kostas Karageorgopoulos (2nd violin)

Alexandros Papanikolaou (viola)

Ivi Papathanasiou (cello)


Free entrance