Mary Stevenson Cassatt, In the Loge, 1878

Opera Gala

Production of the Megaron - the Athens Concert Hall

The Athens State Orchestra, under the baton of Miltos Logiadis and with the participation of singers Alexandrs Antonenko and Dimitris Platanias presents opera songs in a production of Megaron - the Athens Concert Hall.

Fri., 27 Nov. 2020 20:30

Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall

Christos Lambrakis Hall
Aleksandrs Antonenko, tenor
Dimitris Platanias, baritone
Miltos Logiadis

The concert's programme will be announced shortly.


Ticket price: 50€, 40€, 35€, 30€, 25€, 15€, and 10€ (concessions)

Tickets are issued exclusively online or by phone at 210 7282333 and are controlled exclusively electronically and with no physical contact.