Horns of the Athens State Orchestra

Musical promenades at the Museums XIII - From baroque to rock (part 2)

We have to admit that the Athens State Orchestra's horn section has been known to “steal the show” in our symphonic concerts! So they have every right to look forward to demonstrating their technical and expressive abilities in all their glory in a programme for French horn ensemble that will allow us to enjoy the lofty masculine sounds of their instruments even more.

Mon., 25 May. 2020 20:30

The Benaki Museum - 138, Pireos street


Works for horn ensemble from the 17th to the 21st century.


Horn: Kostas Siskos, Christos Salvanos, Grigoris Asonitis, Dimitris Fronimos, Giannis Gounaris, Spyros Kakos, Ilias Barkas


To attend the concert, audience must purchase a ticket for the entrance to the Museum.