Tristan and Isolde, Herbert James Draper, 1901

Breakthroughs and Pioneers III

A great work of art does not conquer an audience, it passes them by... Seen through this prism, Wagner's musical drama Tristan and Isolde is not only one of the most superlative achievements of Romanticism, it is also a gateway through to a sonically, harmonically and expressively new world—a true turning point in Music. Conducted by Stefanos Tsialis, distinguished opera singers with considerable experience in the Wagnerian oeuvre transport us into a world of fierce passions, unparalleled music and poetic emotion.

Fri., 21 Feb. 2020 20:30

Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall

Christos Lambrakis Hall
Tristan and Isolde, second act
Petra Lang, soprano, Isolde
Stefan Vinke, tenor, Tristan
Barbara Kozelj, mezzo-soprano, Brangäne
James Moellenhoff, bass, King Marke
Christos Kechris, tenor, Melot, Kurwenal
Stefanos Tsialis

19:45, free introductory speech by Nikos Laaris for ticket holders


Ticket price: 35€, 25€, 20€, 15€ and 10€ (concessions)
Advance ticket sale: 24/07/2019